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Nicole German Morgan, RDN, LD, CLT

Nicole German Morgan headshot

Nicole German Morgan, RDN, LD, CLT is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She began her career in nutrition, graduating from the University of Georgia with BS in dietetics. She then went on to complete her 1200-hour internship to become a registered and licensed dietitian. After she became a registered dietitian, Nicole began working with thousands of patients to help each and every one work towards their weight loss goal. Nicole now runs a virtual private practice,  which allows her to see patients from all over the country. She specializes in weight management and thyroid nutrition and is the author of “The Nourished Thyroid.” Nicole helps her patients stop the cycle of feeling sick and tired and helps patients become their own health detectives. In addition to Nicole’s skills in nutrition, she also is a Pilates instructor. Nicole works with clients locally in the Orlando, FL area to find their strengths and better connect with their bodies. To learn more about Nicole German Morgan, visit

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