Plenity is an aid for weight management in adults who are overweight or obese and have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 40 kg/m2, when combined with diet and exercise.

Bridget ate the same meals as her family—and still lost weight

Jonas felt full between meals

Michelle could still eat the foods that she loved

Heather made smarter decisions about eating

Scott felt fuller faster

Start with a free consultation

  1. Provide health information through a private, secure online portal
  2. A healthcare professional will review your information
  3. Find out within 24 hours if Plenity is right for you
  4. If prescribed, Plenity will be delivered discreetly with free 2-day shipping

Get even more from Plenity

When you choose Plenity, you’ll get access to support that can help you achieve your goals. Our free member experience includes helpful tips and activities to fuel your journey, plus motivation and accountability from a private online community of Plenity members.

a collage of pieces of the Plenity member experience including text messages, a facebook community, and printed support materials.

Experience it for yourself

Start your journey now with an online doctor’s visit dedicated exclusively to weight management through our telehealth partner, Ro. Your visit will be kept confidential, and it will help determine whether Plenity is right for you.

Important Safety Information

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of Plenity or more information, talk to a healthcare professional, read the Patient Instructions for Use, or call 1-844-PLENITY.