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Prescribing Plenity

For patients who are committed but can’t quite get there on their own.

Who is the Plenity patient?

The person who is motivated to reach their weight management goals but may need a little extra help.

  • Meet the BMI criteria, 25 to 40 kg/m² 1
  • Understand that Plenity will work best when combined with diet and exercise and is committed to make these lifestyle changes1
  • Agree to adhere to proper dosing, which is to take Plenity 20 minutes before every lunch and dinner, 7 days per week, with 16 oz. of water1
  • Realize this is not a quick fix and weight management will take time
  • Know everyone can respond differently
  • Want to lose 10 to 30 pounds*, which is similar to what was seen in the pivotal GLOW trial2,3
  • Be willing to pay the direct cost of $98 for a 4-week supply $1.75 per meal

Plenity helps amplify—not replace—a patient’s efforts so it’s important to manage their expectations once Plenity is prescribed.

  • Reinforce the importance of adhering to the twice-daily dosing schedule, 7 days a week
  • Ensure they understand that weight loss will take time – Plenity is designed to help them start to feel fuller with the same amount of food, then eat less, and then lose weight.
  • Convey that the Plenity Member Experience can offer education and support to keep them on track
  • Relay the cost of $98 for a 4-week supply, which equates to $1.75 per meal, and that Plenity won’t be filled by their retail pharmacy—instead it will be shipped directly to them via our digital pharmacy partner
  • Some patients experienced GI side effects in the clinical trial – most occurred within the first 3 months and resolved within 2 weeks1-3

*The GLOW pivotal study was a 6-month, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pivotal trial assessing the safety and efficacy of Plenity. Plenity (n=223) or placebo (n=213) was administered to 436 adults with excess weight or obesity, with or without type 2 diabetes. Primary endpoints: 1) at least 35% of patients on Plenity achieving 5% weight loss and 2) whether individuals receiving Plenity lost 3% or more of their body weight than individuals receiving placebo. The study met and exceeded the categorical endpoint. It did not achieve super-superiority. The percentage of patients who lost 5% of body weight was 59%. Individuals on Plenity lost an average 6% vs individuals on placebo who lost on average 4% (P=0.0007).1

With two ways to get patients started, Plenity's approach to prescriptions can help take administrative burden off your plate.

Simply pick the one that works best for you and your patients and you’re good to go.

Your exclusive pharmacy partner for HCP prescription fulfillment

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Direct-to-patient virtual health that handles clinical assessment, prescribing, and fulfillment, combined with a personalized patient support program


Please note: Plenity is not available at retail pharmacies.

GoGo Meds

Prescribe and let GoGoMeds take it from there

Want to prescribe Plenity? It’s easy:


  • E-prescribe Plenity prescriptions to GoGoMeds, the exclusive pharmacy partner for Plenity, via electronic medical records, e-fax, or fax
  • Plenity prescriptions will not be handled by any retail pharmacies


  • Contacts your patient within 24 hours via email or phone (dependent on information supplied) to notify that the prescription has been received and they need to set up an account for payment and fulfillment
  • Charges your patient $98 for a 4-week supply ($1.75/meal) or $249 for a 3-month supply (a discount of 15%)
  • Ships Plenity and the patient starter kit directly to the patient

What to tell your patients about GoGoMeds

  • Patients will be contacted via email or phone within 24 hours to let them know the prescription has been received and it’s time to set up their account. GoGoMeds will follow up with additional communication if needed
  • Patient sets up personal account, supplying payment and shipping information
  • Patient pays directly for Plenity and can choose from a 4-week or a cost-saving 12-week option
  • Plenity is shipped free directly to the patient’s home
The Patient Company

A well-trained, board-certified team of physicians to help keep your patients on a successful weight loss journey

Plenity offers you a direct-to-patient telehealth experience powered by Ro. Patients can access this experience at actively on their own or upon your referral.

Plenity Telehealth by Ro:

  • Provides a staff of board-certified physicians
  • Leverages the standard-of-care evaluation process
  • No fee for a visit, other than the cost for Plenity (if prescribed)
  • Provides a prescription to appropriate patients
  • Supplies a care plan designed by obesity specialists with ongoing support
  • Unlimited ongoing access to Ro physician at no additional cost

Ro can operate as a virtual extension of your team—not a replacement.

With Plenity Telehealth by Ro, go from prescribing to fulfillment in 4 easy steps

  1. Patient completes an initial online clinical evaluation (about 20 minutes).
  2. Ro HCP reviews it and contacts the patient with any outstanding questions.
  3. Plenity prescription is written, if deemed appropriate, and patient pays directly for Plenity.
  4. Plenity is shipped directly to the patient, and a clinical summary is sent to the personal HCP (with patient approval).

Information collected prior to prescribing Plenity through Ro

  • Medical and surgical history with a focus on weight
  • Weight-related comorbidities
  • Possible causes of weight gain
  • Current medications and allergies
  • Answers to questions designed to identify patient appropriateness
  • Habits related to body weight, diet, exercise, and sleep

Benefits to your patients when referred to Plenity Telehealth by Ro

Your patients can choose to have their medical information shared with you

  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Direct messaging with dedicated Ro HCP
  • Automated check-ins
  • Follow-up visits to renew prescriptions
  • Education on behavior and lifestyle changes
  • Dedicated team available 24/7

Prescribing FAQs

Before prescribing Plenity, are there dosage requirements and clinical imperatives I must explain to patients?

Can I send Plenity prescriptions to a local retail pharmacy?

If I refer a patient to Ro, will I have access to my patient’s records?

Is Plenity covered by insurance?

Are there any discounts for my patients who I prescribe Plenity for?


Intended Use

Plenity® is indicated to aid weight management in adults with excess weight or obesity, a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25–40 kg/m², when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.


Important Safety Information

  • Plenity is contraindicated in patients who are pregnant or are allergic to cellulose, citric acid, sodium stearyl fumarate, gelatin, or titanium dioxide
  • Plenity may alter the absorption of medications. Read Sections 6 and 8.3 of the Instructions for Use carefully
  • Avoid use in patients with: esophageal anatomic anomalies, including webs, diverticuli, and rings; suspected strictures (such as patients with Crohn’s disease); and complications from prior gastrointestinal (GI) surgery that could affect GI transit and motility
  • Use with caution in patients with active gastrointestinal conditions such as gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, or heartburn
  • The overall incidence of AEs in the Plenity group was no different than the placebo group
  • The most common side effects were diarrhea, distended abdomen, infrequent bowel movements, and flatulence

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of Plenity, refer to the Healthcare Professional Instructions for Use.

  1. Plenity [Instructions for Use]. Boston, MA: Gelesis, Inc.; 2021.
  2. Greenway FL, Aronne LJ, Raben A, et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Gelesis100: a novel nonsystemic oral hydrogel for weight loss. Obesity. 2019;27(2):205–216.
  3. Data on file. Gelesis, Inc.

BMI=body mass index; HCP=healthcare provider; HIPAA=Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act